About the Fire Department


The Amesbury Fire Department, as established under Article 5 of the Amesbury Town Charter, has seven major functional areas of responsibility:

Fire Prevention / Code Compliance

  • To prevent fires through inspection of properties for compliance with State and Local By-Laws
  • To utilize all available means to decrease the incidence of uncontrolled fire, including:
    • Code Enforcement - Use legal means to correct discrepancies from the codes
    • Education - Instruct and inform the public
    • Engineering - Review design plans for code violations
    • Fire Investigation - Identify areas for future education legislation to assist in correction of problems.

Fire Suppression

  • To suppress fires in order to prevent the loss of life and property
  • To provide life safety rescue services
  • To confine fire to its place of origin
  • To extinguish fires
  • To provide mutual aid to neighboring communities as needed (in return we receive the same mutual aid support)

Emergency Medical Services

  • To provide Emergency Ambulance Service for Advanced and Basic life support
  • To transport Priority 1, 2, and 3 patients to Emergency Care Facilities located outside the Town limits
  • To respond to working fire and hazardous material incidents, to stand by for emergency medical services as needed
  • To provide a first aid station at selected City events
  • To administer the Emergency Services Revolving Account
  • To provide non-transporting Advanced Life Support service to the City and the Region

Hazardous Materials Incidents

  • To provide First Responders to Hazardous Materials Incidents and take appropriate action to protect lives and the environment.
  • To enforce State and Local Codes regarding Hazardous Materials.
  • To provide L1, L2 and L3 incident awareness and training.
  • To coordinate actions and work with various State agencies in dealing with Hazardous Materials Incidents.

Fire Administration

General and specific administration of the permanent, full time Fire Department.

  • To lead, plan, organize, and control Fire Department functions
  • To develop and administer the Fire Department budget
  • To conduct fire/explosion investigations
  • To administer and appropriately enforce State Statutes and Local Fire codes
  • To administer the emergency medical services, training, and safety at all incidents
  • To research and aggressively pursue Grant funding at the Local, State, and Federal levels

Department Liaison

The Fire Department works closely with the following agencies and departments:

  • Building Department
  • Emergency Management Agency
  • Police Department
  • Public Works Department
  • Regional and State Agencies