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Below are forms and information for exemption options for tax relief for property owners for Fiscal Year 2024 (July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024). Please contact the Assessors Office if you need assistance with any of these forms. The statutory deadline for applying for any of these exemptions is on or before March 31st..

In November 2020, Mayor Gove and City Council approved an exemption increase to double eligible exemptions (PDF).

ProgramMGL Ch 59, Sec 5Income LimitAsset LimitOther LimitationsExemption AmountForms
BlindCI 37ANoneNoneCertified before 
July 1, 2022
$500Completed Application, Blind Certificate dated 7/1/2022 or more recent
ElderlyCI 17DNone$77,856 
Age 70, MA resident 5 years$340.29 
Completed application, (FTF) Birth Certificate 2022 Federal Tax return 
ElderlyCI 41C
Single $31,044 
Married $37,812 
Single: $54,499 
Married: $58,392 
Age 70, MA resident 10 years
Completed. application, (FTF) Birth Certificate 2022 Federal Tax return
Real Estate Tax DeferralCI 41A

NoneAge 65, MA resident 10 years, property owner as of 
July 1, 2023
Delay up to 50% of property value in RE taxes until sale of property 
Completed Application, (FTF) Birth Certificate, 2022 Federal Tax Return
Veterans 800-827-1000CI 22NoneNone10% Service Related Disability, Amesbury resident before 
July 1, 2023
10% $400
100% $1,000
Completed Application; (FTF)DD214, 22E Letter ( every year for 100%) 
Widow / WidowerCI 17None$77,856 
Widowed before 7/1/2023$319.52Completed application; (FTF)Certified Death Certificate, 2022 Federal Tax return