Obstruction Permit

Obstruction Permits are required when any person or entity intends to block any portion of city property. The Department of Public Works (DPW) does require, however, a certificate of liability to be presented in order to process the permit. In addition, temporary walkways must be constructed to allow residents to pass through when a sidewalk is being blocked. There is no fee for an Obstruction Permit.

Download the Obstruction Permit Application (PDF)

Trench & Street Opening Permit

To obtain a Street opening permit, a contractor must be bonded with the City of Amesbury. The DPW Office requires the contractor to submit a bond from their insurance company in the amount of $5,000 for public property including the street. This bond must state that it is valid for at least one year.

Once the bond is received, the street opening permit is issued for a fee of $150 per street permit or $50 per trench opening permit (bond not required). There may be some restrictions on Scenic Roads, or roads recently overlaid with Chapter 90 funds.

A Certificate of Liability is required for both Trench and Street Opening Permits.

Trench and Street Opening Permits are issued from April through December 1st, weather permitting.

Download the Trench and Street Opening Permit Application (PDF)

Curb Cut Permit

An application can be filled out at the DPW Office. The Building Inspector is required to approve the cut.

A bonded contractor must perform the curb cut when approved. This will also require a Street Opening Permit, obtained at the DPW, for a fee of $150.

Download the Curb Cut Permit Application (PDF)

Water Service Permit

The Water Service Permit is required for those who wish to have water service in Amesbury, MA.

Download the Water Service Permit Application (PDF)

Please view the Billing Rates (PDF)

Sewer Connection Permit

The Sewer Connection Permit is issued for new homes and failed septic systems

Download the Sewer Connection Permit Application (PDF)

Please view the Billing Rates (PDF)

Second Meter Permit

The Second Meter Permit is issued for irrigation purposes.

Download the Second Meter Permit Application (PDF)

Please view the Billing Rates (PDF)