Recycling, Waste & Compost

Update : 8/10/2023

As an update to the new automated trash system, for residents, there will be no charges for the PICK-UP of additional G.Mello trash carts. For businesses, there will be no charges for the PICK-UP of additional G.Mello trash carts beyond (2) carts. This will be reevaluated in FY25 and is subject to change. Mayor Gove has made the decision to allow for a years’ worth of data collection on how many people have extra barrels and how much it’s impacting expenses.

At this time, G. Mello is complete with the initial distribution of the new trash carts. If you have not received yours, please call G. Mello at 978-352-8581.

Additional carts are now available for a one-time fee by contacting G. Mello. Once a list of requests has been compiled, an order will placed, and distributed at a later time.

  • Trash is collected weekly, with the exception of the Downtown Business District.
  • Only trash in the new G. Mello brown carts will be collected; loose bags and materials will not be picked up.
  • If you know the truck backs down your street, please place your cart on the right side of the road as you are currently doing with your recycling cart.

Trash carts – Citywide

  • Distribution of the new trash carts began July 24, 2023 and is now complete.Trash Truck with automated arm
  • Each cart has a number and is assigned to a specific street address.
  • Trash carts are the property of G. Mello and should not be removed or transferred to another location.
  • Each household (defined as apartment, condo, or single-family house) has been assigned (1) brown 64-gallon trash cart.
  • Each multi-family residence with 6 units and under received  (6) brown 64-gallon trash carts.  Multi-family residences larger than 6 units must make arrangements for trash pick-up.
  • Additional carts are available for a fee by contacting G. Mello at 978-352-8581.
  • Initially, there will be no charges for the pick-up of additional G.Mello trash carts. there will be no charges for the PICK-UP of additional G.Mello trash carts beyond (2) carts. This will be reevaluated in FY25 and is subject to change. 

Trash carts – Downtown Central Business District (only)

  • Businesses (only) needing a second 64-gallon trash cart can receive one at no additional cost. Fees apply to additional carts requested beyond two. Additional carts are available by contacting G. Mello at 978-352-8581
  • Residents and Business in the Downtown Central Business District (only) that feel a 64-gallon cart is too large, can request a smaller 35-gallon cart in place of the 64-gallon cart. You can request a 35-gallon cart by calling Amesbury DPW at 978-388-8116. 35-gallon carts will be distributed at a later date. Those in the Downtown Central Business District may continue to use their existing barrel or the new 64-gallon cart in the meantime.
  • For businesses, initially there will be no charges for the pick-up of additional G.Mello trash carts beyond (2) carts. This will be reevaluated in FY25 and is subject to change. 

Recycling of old trash barrels

  • For those who missed getting their old trash barrels recycled curbside by G.Mello, DPW will be collecting empty, unwanted barrels at the compost site at 60 South Hunt Road. This collection of barrels will take place on November 4th and 5th only. There will be a coned off section marking the drop off location. Barrels will be picked up by G.Mello for recycling.


  • Keep containers on a hard, level surface clear of snow and other landscaping debris and no more than 6' from edge of curb.
  • Please allow containers a 3' perimeter of clearance from obstructions such as parked cars, trees, mailboxes, and utility poles.
  • There must also be a 15' overhead clearance from any low hanging tree branches or power lines, etc.

Trash will no longer be picked up that is not contained in the carts. If you would like to order additional carts for excess trash, please G. Mello at 978-352-8581.

If you have more than one cart placed at the curb, please set them side by side, with at least 3 feet of distance between carts and with handles facing your home as shown below.

carts facing-01




  • Do not place container on its side. Containers must remain upright for collection.  Trash Image 1
  • Do not put out trash that is overflowing from the container. Keep all materials inside the containers.Trash Image 2
  • Do not place containers back-to-back. Trash  Image 3
  • Do not place containers next to things like your mailbox or utility poles. Keep containers clear of all obstructions.Trash Image 4

Cart Placement (PDF)

yellow divider line

Cart Facing the Right Way on SidewalkMissed pick-up? Please call G. Mello at 978-352-8581.

Please have trash and recycling out at the curb by no earlier than 7:00 pm the evening prior to collection and no later than 6:00 am on the day of collection. Drivers, weather and schedules are subject to change. For recycling please check the schedule and make sure you have the correct week.

See the Recycling and Trash Calendar (PDF).

Mattresses and box springs are NO LONGER able to be picked up curbside, effective November 1st, 2022 due to MA DEP regulations. Please click here for more information.

Who is Covered by the Amesbury Municipal Solid Waste Contract

The contract covers residential units up to 6 units per building and businesses in the Central Business District (CBD). As long as funds are available, the City will provide one household recycling cart and 1 trash cart to each dwelling unit in residential dwellings with 6 or fewer units. Anyone who lives in a building with more than 6 units must ask their landlord, building manager or condo association / board about trash and recycling, including bulk items. G. Mello and the City of Amesbury do not handle trash, recycling or bulk items for residents who live in buildings with more than 6 units.

We cover the businesses in the downtown due to the limited space available for individual secured dumpsters as required by regulation. If you are not covered by the Municipal contract you may contract with Mello or Waste Management or other contractor you choose, for pickups to cover your needs.

The Central Business District is comprised of:

  • Friend Street - from Main Street to Town Hall
  • School Street - from Town Hall to the lights at the intersection of Main Street and Sparhawk Street
  • Main Street - from the Amesbury Public Library to the center of downtown
  • Market Street - from Provident Bank to Cedar Street
  • High Street - from Main Street - Lafayette Bowling Alley/Hard Nock Gym, 1 Stop
  • Pond Street - from Friend Street to Vermette's, 1 Stop
  • Elm Street - from center of downtown (Main Street) to Drew's Tire

As part of our solid waste contract, Amesbury is required to pay a tipping fee or a per ton rate for all the trash residents of the City throw away. The City receives a cash rebate for all materials recycled. These changes mean you have a big role in controlling costs.

Recycling Cart

One 64 gallon recycling cart is supplied to residents and CBD.

Residents should use the 64 gallon wheeled carts provided by G. Mello for their recycling. The recycling trucks are now automated and the "Arm" cannot pick up the blue bins. Also, recycled items should not get wet and the 64 gallon cart has a lid to protect recyclables. The blue bin does not have weather protection.

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