Cannabis-Related Uses

In 2014, the City of Amesbury adopted an ordinance to allow medical marijuana establishments to locate in specific districts in the City. In 2018, Amesbury passed another ordinance to allow for cultivation and retail establishments. Since then, we have entered into five Host Community Agreements (see below).

One year has passed since our first Host Community Agreement has been fully executed. At this time, Amesbury is evaluating the social and economic data related to our current cannabis establishments before we engage in additional Host Community Agreements. We need to understand the full extent of the presence of cannabis establishments in Amesbury and how/if HCAs need to be modified to reflect current and potential future trends in the industry. This reflection will also include a discussion of whether Amesbury should limit the number of establishments in the City. The City Council is currently considering a Ordinance to adopt a limit on the number of retail cannabis stores in Amesbury.

Thank you for your patience in this evaluation period. We will continue to update this page with information on our findings and other relevant details.


For questions about cannabis-related uses in Amesbury, please review the Zoning Bylaws for both Adult Use/Retail (PDF) and Medical Marijuana (PDF). Maps of the Overlay Districts are also included below. After reviewing our bylaws, if you still have questions, please send us an email. Thank you!