Snow & Ice Removal

Parked PlowPublic Works is responsible for the removal of snow from public streets, some sidewalks, and municipal parking lots. Snow operations include, salting, sanding and plowing. Post-storm operations may include scraping, pushing back and hauling and removing snow piles. Approximately 30% of snow removal efforts is performed by private contractors.

Trash & Recycle Collection During Storms

  • White trash bags are hard to see in the snow. Please use black bags whenever possible.
  • Residents must shovel out an area of snow for recycling and trash containers to be collected. Haulers will not jump over snow banks and barrels should not be placed in the street.
  • Collection will take place during snow storms. If they do not pick-up on your regular day, they will get to it the next day. When in doubt leave it out!!
  • Thank you for your cooperation. After hours calls for any emergencies after 3 pm, please call the police department at 978-388-1217 to have personnel paged. 
  • Response time is usually one hour from call/notification.

When in doubt, leave it out!

City of Amesbury Ordinance - 17.5 Snow Removal

17.5.1 The Director of Public Works or his agent, for the purpose of removing or plowing snow, or removing ice from any way, authorized to remove any vehicle interfering with such work to some convenient place, which term shall include a public garage, and the owner of any vehicle so removed, shall be liable for the cost of such removal and the storage charges, if any, resulting therefrom.

17.5.2 No person shall push, dump, plow, or unload snow from private property into or onto any public way in town nor shall any person, directly or indirectly, cause or permit his premises, or any part thereof to be cleared of snow by pushing, plowing, removing, dumping, or unloading such snow upon any public or other way used for travel within the town.

17.5.3 No person shall put or place any snow, ice, or other materials in any gutter in any of the streets or the Town where a culvert has been constructed so as to prevent the free passage of water into such culvert.

17.5.4 The tenant or occupant, and in case there shall be no tenant or occupant, the owner or any person having the care of any building or lot of land bordering on any street, lane, court, square, or public place, within the Town, where there is a sidewalk, shall cause all snow that may be on such sidewalk to be removed therefrom within 24 hours after the snow ceases to fall. The provisions of this section shall apply to snow which falls from buildings as well as to that which falls from the clouds.

Snow Plow
Snow Plow From Behind
Snow Plowed Into Piles