Amesbury Residential Snow Clean-up

Plowed Streets in Between Snowy Trees and GroundAs we begin another winter season the Director of Public Works would like to remind Amesbury residents and business owners how we can all help to provide safe streets and sidewalks. Please have recreational items, trash cans, basketball hoops and other items properly stored and out of the way of Department of Public Works' (DPW) clean-up operations.

The practice of plowing and/or placing snow onto a public way impedes DPW's efforts and creates certain safety concerns for motorists and pedestrians. In addition Article 17, section 400-5 of the Town By-Law reads:

"No person shall push, dump, plow or unload snow from private property into or onto any public way in the town nor shall any person, directly or indirectly, cause or permit his premises, or any party thereof to be cleared of snow upon a public or other way used for travel within the town."

Also, owners of property in Amesbury are responsible for removing snow from the sidewalk, bordering their property, within 24 hours after snow ceases to fall. Seniors who need assistance shoveling snow can call Council on Aging at 978-388-8138.

Please help us in our efforts to provide safe and efficient snow removal efforts to our community.

Thank you.