Hydrant Flushing Schedule

Fire Hydrant Pouring Out Discolored WaterHydrant Flushing is in process for 2022.

Hydrant flushing is performed twice a year to remove accumulated sediment that occurs in the pipes. Some sections of town have very old, unlined iron pipes that may produce extended times of rusty water till flushing has been completed in those areas.

When hydrant flushing is in progress, you may lose water temporarily, experience air in your pipes, or experience brown/rusty water. Water will be restored shortly after flushing is complete in your area. You may need to run your water briefly to clear the air or the rust from your pipes. If you have long-term issues please contact the Water Department at (978) 388-0853.

The following are approximate streets for the next week. Schedule may change due to unforeseen circumstances. List is in order of flushing.

Monday May 9, 2022
** No Flushing **

 Tuesday May 10, 2022
Main St (#161 - #234), East Greenwood St, Greenwood St, Carpenter St, Noel St, Mechanic Row, Osgood Pl

 Wednesday May 11, 2022
** Flushing complete for season **

 Thursday May 12, 2022
** Flushing complete for season **

Friday May 13, 2022
** Flushing complete for season **

Other streets near these areas may be affected also.