Meter Division

The Water Meter Division is responsible for reading, installing and maintaining water meters.

  • Reading: is performed quarterly and is accomplished by radio read or touch pad (the little round disk on the outside of your house). Touch pads require a person to touch the pad with a reader for every account. The radio reads can be acquired from 15 feet to 100 feet from the meter.
  • Installing: new meters must be installed every once in awhile to replace non-functioning ones and update old ones. Newer meters have the capability of detecting leaks and record usage patterns.
  • Maintaining: meters nowadays have very few replaceable parts, but still can be maintained. Newer meters have downloadable usage logs to help determine high demand patterns.

Reading the meters is the system on which revenue to operate the department is based. It also is way to determine consumption and learn to conserve water. Tip: a slow leak (toilet) can lead to a very high bill. Check and fix immediately. View information on water billing.

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