Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The City of Amesbury is committed to being a sustainable community and is happy to have multiple EV Charging Stations available to residents and visitors to charge their electric vehicles. Hourly rates vary by station. Please download the appropriate mobile applications to view pricing and availability. Please see below for a list of stations around the City of Amesbury.

Amesbury's EV Station Sponsorship Program - Photo of one of the charging stations in Amesbury EV Charging Station Sponsorship Program

In the Summer of 2022, the Energy Committee launched the EV Charging Station Sponsorship Program. This program allows businesses to "adopt" a station for an annual amount to promote their business. The cost of the sponsorship helps drive down the hourly fee for patrons to charge their cars. Currently, the City of Amesbury pays for the energy and maintenance of the 8 stations located in downtown Amesbury. The current fees do not cover the total electricity costs and the annual maintenance fees. 

This sponsorship program allows us to offset the total cost to operate the stations and keep the hourly fee to charge EV cars low. For more information, please review the Amesbury EV Charging Station Sponsorship Program Application Package.

Current EV Charging Station Sponsors

Thank you to our EV charging station sponsors and to Munters who is sponsoring 4!

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Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations

E/V Station Usage Data

EV Sticker

For details on the usage of the public charging stations, click here.