Board of Health


The Board of Health has authority to adopt rules and regulations to supplement existing laws, and rules and regulations to provide further public health protection than afforded by existing laws that generally provide protection for minimum standards. It is the responsibility of the Board of Health to investigate areas of public health concern and make such rules and regulations as it deems necessary.

The Board of Health is granted authority to make such rules and regulations pursuant to the M.G.L Chapter 111, Section 31 and 122 (Appendix B).


If a complaint is not submitted in writing, we do not have legal access to the premises to investigate a complaint. When a complaint is filed and investigated, the party involved will receive a Notice of Violation / Order for Correction. Law allows that conditions "deemed to endanger" must be corrected within 5 days of receipt of the violation notice, and "other" conditions have 30 days to be corrected. You can read more about tenant rights based on the State Sanitary Code 105 CMR 410.990.

To file a complaint, please use the SeeClickFix website or download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play. You will find a list of common violations listed under the Amesbury Health Departmencatagory.

Note: Compliants filed wil not be displayed publicly on the SeeClickFix website and are submitted directly to the Health Inspector.

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Lead Paint

Homes built before 1978 may contain lead. The Lead Law protects a child's right to a lead-safe home. It requires the removal or control of lead paint in houses with children under 6. If houses built before 1978 are being sold or rented, sellers, real estate agents, and owners who rent their homes are required to notify their buyers and tenants of lead risks. More info can be found on the State website: