Wetlands Violation Complaint Form

This form must be filled out in order for us to have legal access to the property in question to investigate the alleged violation. The alleged violation filed under this notice must be deemed a violation of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act or the Amesbury Wetlands Ordinance. Violations consist of illegal wetland alterations including filling or unauthorized work within 100 feet of a wetland or lake, or 200 feet of a river or stream.

This complaint will not be pursued unless documentation of the alleged violation is provided.

Once a complaint is deemed valid, the Conservation Commission will contact the owner of the property to arrange a site visit. If a violation exists, the property owner will be notified via certified mail to retain the services of an environmental professional to bring the site into compliance with state and local wetlands laws.

Wetlands Violation Complaint Form


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  2. 2. Location of Alleged Violation
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