Traffic Issues / Concerns Request Form

Please fill out the form (or use the Traffic Issues / Concerns Request Form (PDF) form to mail or email). This form will help us assess the type of issues or concerns you are having with a street in your neighborhood. Each request will be considered separately.

We will place your request on the next meeting agenda for the Traffic and Transportation Committee (TTC) if it is received 7 days prior to the next meeting. The TTC will make a determination how to best address the request and solicit input from the DPW, Police, or other appropriate City department(s). The decisions made by vote of the Amesbury TTC shall be final and shall not require ratification from the City Council. However, complainants may appeal a decision to the City Council within 30 days of the rendering of said decision upon which appeal the City Council shall have the authority to rescind, amend, or uphold the actions of the Amesbury Traffic and Transportation Committee.