2018 Council Bills

  1. 2018-001 Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2019 (PDF)
  2. 2018-003 Grant from Newburyport Five Cent Savings Bank (PDF)
  3. 2018-004 Order to Authorize the Mayor a Grant from Epa for Lake Attitash (PDF)
  4. 2018-005 Grant from Metropolitan Area Planning (PDF)
  5. 2018-006 Order to Authorize the Mayor to Acquire Certain Easement Rights Over Whitcher Court (PDF)
  6. 2018-007 Order to Authorize the Mayor to Enter Into an Inter Municipal Agreement with the Town of Salisbury (PDF)
  7. 2018-008 Order to Authorize the Mayor to Execute a Deed for the Disposition of the Property Known As Baileys Pond (PDF)
  8. 2018-009 Accept Resignation of Lyndsey Haight from Housing Authority Two Year Seat (PDF)
  9. 2018-009a Timothy Dwight Application for Housing Authority (PDF)
  10. 2018-009b Application of Norman Bellavance for Housing Authority (PDF)
  11. 2018-009c Jill S. Currier Application for Housing Authority (PDF)
  12. 2018-010 Ordinance to Amend 2004-055 Regarding License for Telling of Fortunes (PDF)
  13. 2018-011 Traffic and Transportation Committee Request -Truck Route Signage (PDF)
  14. 2018-012 Appointment of Jonathan Sherwood to Open Space Natural Resources and Trails Committee (PDF)
  15. 2018-013 Order to Acquire Property At 29 Water Street Owned By Amesbury Carriage Alliance, Inc. (PDF)
  16. 2018-014 Ordinance to Accept Section 13 of Chapter 55 to Establish Local Sales Tax On Marijuana (PDF)
  17. 2018-015 Ordinance to Amend Zoning Bylaw to Establish a Retail Marijuana Overlay District (PDF)
  18. 2018-015 Revised Ordinance to Amend Zoning Bylaw Establish Retail Marijuana Overlay District (PDF)
  19. 2018-016 Order to Accept and Expend a Grant for Council On Aging Activities (PDF)
  20. 2018-017 Resolution to Support the Economic Development for South Hunt Area (PDF)
  21. 2018-018 Ordinance Amend Zoning Bylaws to Change Three Sections to Include Open Space Natural Resources and Trails Committee (PDF)
  22. 2018-019 Appointment of Jonathan Camp to the Energy Committee (PDF)
  23. 2018-020 Appointment of Michael Browne to the Energy Committee (PDF)
  24. 2018-021 Appointment of Timothy Dwight to Quality of Life Committee (PDF)
  25. 2018-022 Appointment of Matthew Einson to the Recreational Marijuana Committee (PDF)
  26. 2018-023 Order Appropriate for Purchase of Streetlights (PDF)
  27. 2018-024 Order Appropriate for General Maintenance Improvements to Infrastructure (PDF)
  28. 2018-025 Order Appropriate from Quality of Life Fund for Tot Park In Upper Millyard (PDF)
  29. 2018-026 Re Appointment of William Croteau to Board of Registrars (PDF)
  30. 2018-027 Re Appointment of Denise Boyle to Health Care Trust Commission (PDF)
  31. 2018-028 Resolution to Approve a Public Hearing Workshop On Safety of Amesbury Public Schools (PDF)
  32. 2018-029 Re Appointment of Kathleen Lucy to Amesbury Health Care Trust Commission (PDF)
  33. 2018-030 Proposal Backup (PDF)
  34. 2018-030 Tax Increment Financial Incentive for Global Property Developers (PDF)
  35. 2018-031 Ordinance to Amend the Dimensional Requirements for the Office Park, Op District (PDF)
  36. 2018-032 Appointment of Nathan Baxter to Health Care Trust Commission (PDF)
  37. 2018-033 Order to Authorize Mayor Accept and Expend Community Compact Grant of 25,000 (PDF)
  38. 2018-034 Order to Acquire Easement Over 13 Horton Street (PDF)
  39. 2018-034 Revised Order to Acquire Easement Over 13 Horton Street (PDF)
  40. 2018-035 Order to Appropriate from Free Cash for Snow and Ice (PDF)
  41. 2018-036 Order Appropriate from Smart Growth Stabilization to DPW for FY2019 Nonrecurring Costs of Storm Water Regulations (PDF)
  42. 2018-037 Order Appropriate from Stabilization Fund for School Department Unforeseen Cost of Special Education In FY2018 (PDF)
  43. 2018-038 Order to Appropriate from Stabilization Fund for School Department Projected Increases In Special Education FY19 (PDF)
  44. 2018-039 Order Appropriate from Free Cash to Stabilization Fund (PDF)
  45. 2018-040 Order Appropriate from Receipts Reserved from Real Estated Proceeds for General Fund Indebtedness in FY19 (PDF)
  46. 2018-041 Order Appropriate from Free Cash to Close Out Inactive Accounts (PDF)
  47. 2018-042 Order Appropriate from Free Cash for Deficit In Fy2018 Fire Dept Budget (PDF)
  48. 2018-043 Order Appropriate from Sewer Enterprise Fund for Replacing a Sludge Pipe at the Wastewater Treatment Facility (PDF)
  49. 2018-044 Order Revoke the Acceptance of CC Measure 98-178 and to Dissolve the Landry Enterprise Fund (PDF)
  50. 2018-045 Ordinance Establish Various Departmental Revolving Accounts (PDF)
  51. 2018-046 Order Establish Spending Limits for Various Departmental Revolving Accounts for FY19 (PDF)
  52. 2018-047 Order Transfer Between General Department Funds to Cover FY18 Expenditures (PDF)
  53. 2018-048 Order to Transfer a Parcel Located At Rabbit Road Rear for a Recreational Trail Known As the Ghost Trail (PDF)
  54. 2018-049 Order to Amend the 11th Session City Council Rules and Procedures (PDF)
  55. 2018-050 Resolution Regarding Development of Woodsom Farm (PDF)
  56. 2018-051 Appointment of Mark Roccograndi to School Building Committee (PDF)
  57. 2018-052 Ordinance to Amend Zoning Bylaws Limiting Number of Adult Use Marijuana Retailers In the City (Withdrawn) (PDF)
  58. 2018-053 Back Up (PDF)
  59. 2018-053 Order to Establish a South Hunt Area District Improvement Financing Program (PDF)
  60. 2018-054 Resolution to Support the South Hunt Area Development Program (PDF)
  61. 2018-055 Order to Authorize the Mayor to Accept and Expend a Grant from Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (PDF)
  62. 2018-056 Ordinance to Amend the Amesbury Zoning Map and Zoning Bylaw to Establish a Marijuana Cultivation Overlay District (PDF)
  63. 2018-056 Revised (PDF)
  64. 2018-057 Appointment of Don Roberts to Quality of Life Committee (PDF)
  65. 2018-058 Pole Hearing - National Grid- Middle Rd (PDF)
  66. 2018-059 Appointment of Stephen Duquet to Conservation Commission (PDF)
  67. 2018-060 Resolution to Support Moratorium On New and Replacement Gas Line Projects (PDF)
  68. 2018-061 Grant Dept of Energy Resources (PDF)
  69. 2018-062 Order Execute Mortgage Discharge for 57 South Hunt Road (PDF)
  70. 2018-063 Amendment to TIF - 24 South Hunt Road (PDF)
  71. 2018-063 Redline Amendment Document (PDF)
  72. 2018-064 Order to Appropriate from Receipts Reserved for Purchase Off Elm Street (PDF)
  73. 2018-065 Authorize Mayor to Enter Agreement with Ma Dot to Acquire Off Elm Street (PDF)
  74. 2018-066 Planning Board Vacancy (PDF)
  75. 2018-067 Warrant for November 6, 2018 Election (PDF)
  76. 2018-068 Appointment of Thomas Murphy to Lakes and Waterways Committee (PDF)
  77. 2018-069 Appointment of Gretchen Marinopoulos As Non Voting Member of School Building Committee (PDF)
  78. 2018-070 Order to Appropriate for Roads and Technology Infrastructure (PDF)
  79. 2018-070 Revised Order to Appropriate for Purposes of Making Improvements and Upgrades to the Citys Roads (PDF)
  80. 2018-071 Order to Authorize the Mayor to Grant Easement to Steeves for 5 Rosedale Street (PDF)
  81. 2018-072 Order to Transfer Care, Custody, Control of a Portion of Woodsom Farm to School Committee... (PDF)
  82. 2018-073 Ordinance to Promote Public Safety and Manage Work to Be Completed By Public Gas Utilities During Labor Disruptions (PDF)
  83. 2018-074 Ordinance to Promote Public Safety By Authorizing Membership In Digsafe (PDF)
  84. 2018-075 Appointment of Louisa Wilson to Cultural Council (PDF)
  85. 2018-076 Appointment of Caitlin Thayer to Cultural Council (PDF)
  86. 2018-077 Appointment of Elizabeth Hughes to Health Care Trust Commission (PDF)
  87. 2018-078 Appointment of Michael McCarthy As Associate Member of Zoning Board of Appeals (PDF)
  88. 2018-079 Appointment of Timothy Broadrick to Conservation Commission (PDF)
  89. 2018-080 Order to Accept and Expend Massachusetts Works Infrastructure Program Grant (PDF)
  90. 2018-081 Order to Request the City Council Vote to Hold Annual Classification Hearing to Establish Tax Burdens... (PDF)
  91. 2018-082 Order to Request the City Council Vote to Increase the Exemption Amount of Qualified Applicants (PDF)
  92. 2018-083 Backup (PDF)
  93. 2018-083 Resolution to Adopt the City of Amesbury Housing Production Plan (PDF)
  94. 2018-084 Order Authorize Transfer from Reserves to FY19 Budget (PDF)
  95. 2018-085 Resolution to Accept Amesbury Complete Streets Policy (PDF)
  96. 2018-086 Asa Field Plan (PNG)
  97. 2018-086 Map for Woodsom Farm Conservation Ordinance Orthodetail (PDF)
  98. 2018-086 Ordinance to Create a Woodsom Farm Parkland and Conservation Area (PDF)
  99. 2018-086 Revised -Ordinance to Create Woodsom Farm Parkland and Conservation Area (PDF)
  100. 2018-086 Sketch Plan Map for Woodsom Ordinance Submitted with Draft 10 (PDF)
  101. 2018-087 School Committee Vacancy (PDF)
  102. 2018-088 Administrative Order 2018-01 Charter Review Commission (PDF)
  103. 2018-089 Order to Petition General Court for Additional Licenses to Be Granted (PDF)
  104. 2018-090 Backup (PDF)
  105. 2018-090 Resolution to Name the Brian Eldredge Memorial Skate Park (PDF)