Planning Board Projects

This page lists all projects that are currently before the Planning Board, with links to their individual project pages. All Planning Board meetings are open to the public - dates and agendas can be found on the City Calendar.

For any projects not listed or any additional information regarding a project - please contact our OCED Coordinator at

  1. Under Review
  2. Approved
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  4. Completed
  5. Withdrawn

Plan Review Sets the Foundation for Success

The Planning Office facilitates the administration, coordination, and communication for the Planning Board, Applicant, and City, toward creating an effective process and desired outcome. The process involves a myriad of site planning, engineering, environmental, and social, traffic, economic, and legal issues. We engage consultants and other departments toward achieving a comprehensive review. Our experience can proactively recognize issues and opportunities for the Planning Board, City residents and businesses, and applicant. We anticipate that applicants share that proactive and expedient approach and create applications and supporting documentation that moves their projects effectively through the process.

Our website is indicative of our commitment to communication and transparency. We strive to establish a review process that serves as the assurance that the mutually determined objectives and plans at review stage become the outcome during construction. We understand and take seriously the fact that the plans we review can become the outcomes that the City will live with for decades. This is just one step in many, yet it determines the efficacy of the outcome. We encourage applicants to sit down with staff early, let us help you understand the process, before detailed plans are developed.

Projects Under Review

101 - 107 Market St.
Planned Unit Development - Site Plan
101 - 107 Market St. 
Planned Unit Development - Special Permit
87 S Hampton Rd. Definitive Subdivision and Site Plan - Modification 
2 Merrimac St.Marina - Site Plan and Special Permit
13 Merrimac St. 
Marina - Special Permit