Library Board of Trustees


The Amesbury Public Library Board of Trustees is a governing board made up of nine members. Members are elected to four-year terms or appointed by the Mayor of the City of Amesbury, with the approval of the City Council of Amesbury and the Amesbury Public Library Board of Trustees.  

The Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the Library’s historic building and finances while maintaining a commitment to the Library’s mission to provide safe space for lifelong exploration and learning, public understanding, freedom of expression, experiencing beauty, and wonder through the best possible resources, facilities, and services for the Amesbury community. This involves advocacy in the community, at City Council meetings, with other city departments and officials, and to state legislators.    

The Board has the duty to determine the rules and regulations governing Library operations and services. Board members sit on subcommittees, including Preservation, Finance, Long Range Planning, Director Review, Communications, and ad hoc committees as needed.  

For more details on the Amesbury Public Library Board of Trustees, its duties, and how it’s organized, please read the Board’s bylaws.  


If you have feedback, questions, or something that needs to be shared with the Amesbury Public Library's Board of Trustees, please send an email to