Trustees of War Memorials


The Trustees of War Memorials oversees the planning and maintenance of the City's war memorials and monuments. The Trustees meet as needed. For specific meeting dates visit the Trustee of War Memorials Calendar of Events. For more information about veterans and veteran services visit the Amesbury Department of Veteran Services.

Trustee Bylaws

Section 12-1 Authority Establishment

The City Council votes to establish bylaws for the purposes of defining and governing the operation, organization, and authority of the Amesbury Board of Trustees of War Memorials pursuant to M.G.L. c. 41, § 105.

Section 12-2 Bylaws

Article I: Duties, Responsibilities, and Authority. The City of Amesbury's Board of Trustees of War Memorials, herein known as the "Board," shall have charge and control of the construction of any memorial in Amesbury commemorating the services and sacrifices of soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen who are veterans of war, or persons who have rendered military service for the commonwealth in time of war, and the Board shall have custody and care of such memorials after their construction.

Article II: Membership and Organization. The Board shall consist of the Mayor and five members appointed by him and approved by the Council, three of whom shall be veterans and two of whom shall not be veterans of any war. An employee of the City of Amesbury may serve on the Board, provided that such service is appropriate and consistent with the duties and responsibilities attributed to the employee by virtue of the office held by said employee, and provided that such service is beneficial to Amesbury and that such service is in compliance with all laws and regulations of the United States, of the commonwealth, and of the City of Amesbury. The term of a Trustee shall not exceed three years.

Article III: Application of Bylaws. These bylaws shall not supersede Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L) chapter 41, section 105, or any existing laws or regulations of the United States or of the commonwealth, nor shall they supersede any existing bylaws, ordinances, or regulations of the City of Amesbury. The provisions of these bylaws are severable, and if any clause, sentence, paragraph, or article is deemed invalid by the City Council or another proper authority, such judgment shall not affect, impair, or invalidate the remainder thereof. These bylaws shall be effective immediately upon City Council approval, and shall only be amended with the approval of the Board and of the City Council by a simple majority of each respective body.