Open Space, Natural Resources, and Trails Committee

Photo Credit: Ken Aspeslagh

I climbed a hill path strange and new
With slow feet, pausing at each turn;
A sudden waft of west wind blew
The breath of the sweet fern.

John Greenleaf Whittier,
From 'Sweet Fern'


The City of Amesbury is fortunate to balance its urban downtown setting with a wealth of open space, trails and natural resources. As the City embarks on a strategy for economic development and managed growth, we believe that the balance with open space and natural resources can be sustained and enhanced.

As volunteers and Amesbury residents, we are committed to preserving opportunities for Amesbury residents to find and take the 'path strange and new' in their own back yard. We aim to make our City a leader in local open space preservation and land use management. Our efforts will interweave Open Space, Natural Resources, and Trails into the fabric, enjoyment, and dialogue of the community.

Established in May, 2016 the Amesbury Open Space, Natural Resources and Trails Committee (herein "Open Space Committee" or "OSNRTC") acts as an advisory committee to the Mayor, City Council, Municipal Boards and the public. The committee includes representatives from the City Council, Conservation Commission, Planning Board and Amesbury Residents.