Amesbury Community Garden

The City of Amesbury, through the Conservation Commission, maintains a community garden at Battis Farm. You do not have to be an Amesbury resident to submit an application for a garden plot. Preference is given to returning gardeners.

2024 Season

Full Plot - 30' x 30'

Half Plot - 15' x 30'

Regular - $35
Senior Rate - $20
Regular - $20
Senior Rate - $10

2024 Application and Waiver Form

Download form here


Any person willing to abide by these Rules. All persons must sign a "hold-harmless" agreement relieving the City of Amesbury from any liability or damage suffered because of the use of city land. Persons younger than 18 may sign if an adult signs with them. While plots generally will be assigned on a first come, first-served basis, some preference will be shown to longtime participants.

The Conservation Commission reserves the right to withdraw privileges from any renter at any time.

View of Amesbury Community Garden 2021

Garden Plot Preparation

The Conservation Commission will, weather and circumstances permitting, provide plowing and harrowing. The Commission provides water taps during the growing season. The Amesbury Community Garden Group volunteers will mark off, number and assign plots. They may be used as soon as this has been done, usually in early May. Garden hours are dawn to dusk. The City cannot be responsible for protecting the plot against unauthorized picking or vandalism. Whole (30’x30’) or Half (15’x30’) plots are available with a common walking path bordering each plot. Paths adjoining your plot must be kept clear of rocks and weeds.


Do not block common walkways which are used by all gardeners to access lots and carry supplies.  If budget allows, a portable toilet will be provided.

Plot Maintenance

  • Renters must mark their plot with a sign showing their name. If there are no signs of use by Memorial Day, the plot will be re-assigned to someone on the waiting list.
  • No plots will be assigned to children under age 18 unless a parent signs with them. Second plots will be assigned only after everyone who applies by the application deadline has received one. Those wishing to take a second plot must put themselves on a waiting list.  Second plots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. These plots are under the same re-assignment rules as first plots (see above). Renters who abandon plots midway through the season will not be allowed back for one season (unless there are unusual circumstances, such as an illness or injury).
  • Legal annual flowers or vegetables, except popcorn, Chinese lanterns and Jerusalem artichokes may be grown. Perennials may not be grown because the land must be cleared for plowing each spring. Gardeners may grow perennial herbs, and dig them up in the fall or in the spring before the land is plowed.  One-crop plantings and failure to harvest are discouraged. No trees or shrubs. Only common fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides approved for home food gardens should be used. Please exercise consideration for your gardening neighbors when applying these materials to your plot: be conscious of windy conditions and potential drift. Plots must be kept up, reflecting good garden practices. Be a good gardening neighbor!
  • Temporary fences to keep out critters are permitted. Fences should be buried a bit to prevent animals from digging underneath the fencing.  Woodchucks are very clever creatures! Hand tools and roto-tillers may be used. No structures are allowed.
  • Watering by can or bucket permitted. Watering by hose is permitted, but the user must be in attendance. Hose users must give way to those watering by hand. Unattended sprinklers are not allowed.
  • Motor vehicles and pets are not allowed in the garden area.

Cleanup at End of Season

Stones and weeds and other organic matter must be removed at the end of the season to the side of the garden that runs along South Hampton Road. Make piles as close to the stone wall as possible. Manmade materials must be taken away from the garden by the end of the season, November 30. The season ends November 30. Renters must clean up their plots, removing all fencing, plastics and stakes from the garden.  Gardeners should remove stalks and vines and place them by the stone wall along South Hampton Road. Certain crops (Brussels sprouts, parsnips) continue to grow in cold weather and need not be removed at this time. People who do not clean up their plots by the deadline will receive a phone call from the Garden Monitor.  If the plot is not cleaned up within a week (barring difficult circumstances), the gardener will not be allowed to rent a plot for one season.