Community Survey - 21 Pond View Avenue

Thank you for your time and effort to provide us with input on potential uses and concerns for the 21 Pond View Avenue property (aka Trader Alan’s). This survey will be open until July 8th and should take about 5 minutes to complete. 

This questionnaire is being used as an additional forum to allow the public to provide input on the potential use(s) for the property that the Disposition Committee will recommend to the Mayor. The results of the survey will be reviewed at the Committee’s next regular meeting on July 13th. It's important to the Committee that you have had every opportunity to provide input throughout this process. We are paying attention as we move through the disposition recommendation for the 21 Pond View Avenue property. Thank you again for your time and your thoughts as we work through this process.

Trader Alan's (21 Pond View Avenue) Reuse Survey

  1. Of the uses listed below, which do you think would be the best use for the 21 Pond View property?
  2. If 21 Pond View could also include some public use, what would you like to see?
  3. What community impact are you most concerned with at 21 Pond View?
  4. What positive impact would you prioritize in seeking a company for 21 Pond View?
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