Liquor License Commission


The Liquor License Commission oversees the issuance of liquor licenses and the compliance with regulations impacting the sale of alcoholic beverages in the City.

Licensing Process

Retail licenses follow a three-step process:

  1. The licensing process begins at the City, and the local licensing authority approves the license. 
  2. The local licensing authority sends the application to the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) for approval.
  3. Only after approval from the ABCC is the license issued by the local licensing authority. The license fee is determined by, and paid to, the local licensing authority at the time the licensee receives the license. 

The Guide to Liquor Laws is for consumers and anyone already in, or planning to enter the alcoholic beverages industry. It is not a comprehensive study of the liquor law. It is intended to provide the businessperson and consumer with a general overview of the laws and regulations governing the retail sale of alcoholic beverages in Massachusetts. Additional information may be obtained by reading specific laws or regulations, attending educational seminars or by speaking with knowledgeable sources, such as attorneys, local licensing boards or the ABCC.

Liquor Licensing Fees:

  • Common Victualers ~ All Alcohol, $1200 + $3 per seat over 20
  • Common Victualers ~ Beer & Wine, $700 + $3 per seat over 20
  • General on Premise ~ $600 + $3 per seat over 20
  • Package Store ~  All Alcohol, $1200
  • Package Store ~ Beer & Wine, $600
  • Club ~ All Alcohol, $700
  • Farmer Series Pouring Permit ~ $300
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