Make History Here

hashtag2-01Amesbury has a rich history of makers. From carriages to textiles. From auto parts to furniture. Continuing with that history, today’s makers and manufacturers are producing amazing products such as recreational sports equipment, high tech devices, clothing, and much more. Many of these businesses operate in unassuming buildings that you may drive by every day and never know are there.

We are excited to showcase these local businesses as an incredible asset to Amesbury, show people in our community what they produce, and encourage other businesses to move to Amesbury or expand their existing business here in our city. We also hope to show young people in our schools, what kind of job opportunities are right here in Amesbury as they make decisions about secondary education, trade schools, and possible training programs that are available with these businesses.

Please enjoy the “Maker’s Highlight” which focuses on one business per issue, bringing attention to those making history here.

  1. Issue_Mockup

    Issue 01 - FlingGolf Inc.

    Meet Amesbury’s own FlingGolf and learn how an idea as a kid has turned into an international company that’s been featured on ESPN, Forbes Magazine, and Shark Tank.

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  1. Coming Soon

    Issue 02 - Coming Soon

    Visit soon to see our next featured maker from Amesbury.

Doing business here in Amesbury 

lightbulb iconLooking to start your business or expand your existing business here in Amesbury? The Office of Community and Economic Development is here to assist with questions you may have about zoning, permits, licensing, etc. Click here to learn more.