What do I need to do with the form?
  • Please look over the names listed on the form. If there are no changes to the pre-printed information, simply sign and return the form to the City Clerk.
  • Add any new people who reside at your address, and indicate with "M" or "D" if someone has moved away or died (not married/divorced!). Students away at school, people who have moved to a nursing home, or those away in the military are still considered residents of Amesbury and can remain on the form.
  • Check to see that the date of birth is correct for each person.
  • Please add or correct the occupations listed on the form.
  • The "Party" column tells you what each person's voter registration status is. U stands for "unenrolled" which means not enrolled in any particular political party (commonly known as "independent"). No letter in the "Party" column means the person is not registered to vote in Amesbury.

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1. Who should complete the street list form?
2. Last year I indicated that someone moved out, so why are they are still on the form this year?
3. Why is my family split between multiple pages or different addresses?
4. What do I need to do with the form?