How to obtain a permit?

Before conducting a raffle, the organization must obtain a raffle/bazaar permit from the City or Town clerk where the raffle is going to be held.

  1. The permit application is submitted with cash or check payment of $10, and reviewed by the City or Town Clerk.
  2. It then goes to the Chief of Police who decides whether or not to endorse it.
  3. If endorsed by the Police Chief, it is returned to the Clerk who issues the permit.
  4. The Clerk issues a permit valid for one calendar year and sends a copy to the Commissioner of Public Safety and to the Lottery Commission.
  5. The Lottery Commission sends a financial form for the organization to complete within 10 days after the raffle is completed.
  6. If the application is not endorsed by the Chief of Police or not approved by the Clerk within 30 days of applying, the organization may seek judicial review in the District Court.

View further details on guidance on raffles when holding a raffle in Massachusetts.

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