What types of bills might be discussed at a City Council meeting?

All bills have bill numbers. As you look at the agendas, you'll see that each agenda item starts with a bill numbers and then includes a summary. You can find all bills that are on the agenda under Council Bills where you will see the full text of legislation.

  • Order - Most bills that go before the Council are orders, which allows (or disallows) something to happen. That could be accepting a grant or donation, transfer City funds, authorize an easement, etc.
  • Ordinance - Some bills are for a new City ordinance, or to amend a current City ordinance. For example, the City Council in 2019 approved a new ordinance to ban thin-film plastic bags from retailers within City limits. You can see all municipal ordinances here.
  • Appointment - The Mayor appoints people to boards, commissions and committees, which all go before City Council for approval. The Mayor also appoints Department Heads, who also go before City Council.
  • Resolution - Occasionally the City Council adopts a resolution, with is a non-binding expression of the Council's values or position on an issue.

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